Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa offers rhinoplasty for people who are bothered by the size and shape of their nose or who have difficulty breathing due to problems with the nasal septum.

The Rhinoplasty You Deserve

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Dr. Canales and I believe there is no such thing as a “perfect universal nose.” In fact, individual features often add character to the face and make you unique. At Plastic Surgery Associates, we avoid cookie-cutter results and work with your existing bone structure and facial anatomy to sculpt a more balanced and proportional appearance while maintaining your distinct look.

Many of my nose surgery patients from Sonoma and Marin County not only want to improve how their nose looks, but also how it looks in relation to the rest of their facial features. Sometimes a chin implant done at the same time can improve the balance of the entire face.

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Rhinoplasty at a Glance

PurposeTo reshape the nose (either reducing or increasing its size), and to better balance facial features.
Procedure:Rhinoplasty is performed using general anesthesia. Incisions may be made under the outside of the nose (open technique) or only inside of the nostrils (closed technique) depending on individual factors. The nose is reshaped and some cartilage or bone may be removed.
Recovery:Most patients can resume normal activities after 7 days. Full results are visible within 6 to 12 months.
Results:A more attractive, proportional nose and improved facial aesthetics.
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