Nipple Correction

Sonoma and Marin County women choose inverted nipple correction, nipple reduction and areola reduction at our Santa Rosa practice to feel better about their breasts.

The Nipple Correction You Deserve

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What most people call the nipple is actually a combination of the nipple and its surrounding, darker skin, called the areola. Nipples can become permanently enlarged after breastfeeding, as can the areolas. Even without pregnancy, some breasts can have overly large nipples and areolae.

An inverted nipple is a different issue. It is caused by a foreshortened milk duct, which tethers the nipple, pulling it inward.

A protruding nipple or enlarged, dark areolae can sometimes be visible through a bra or a bathing suit top. Inverted nipples can cause embarrassment and even problems with breastfeeding. We help women to be free from these concerns.

Fortunately, Dr. Furnas and I perform plastic surgery for Sonoma and Marin County women who want to feel better about their breasts. At Plastic Surgery associates in Santa Rosa, we perform nipple and areola reduction, as well as inverted nipple correction. We don’t just create aesthetically pleasing results; we provide a positive, caring experience where you feel informed and at ease.

Request a free consultation online at Plastic Surgery Associates or call (707) 537-2111 to learn more about nipple and areola procedures. You can also download our free iPhone app to see video testimonials, learn more about our surgeons, and keep track of your appointments.

Nipple Correction At a Glance

PurposeTo reduce nipple length or areola diameter, or to correct inverted nipples.
Procedure:Nipple reduction is achieved by removing a segment of tissue from the midsection of the nipple itself. Areola reduction involves removing a circle of skin from the perimeter of the areola. These procedures require about an hour under local anesthesia when performed alone, but they are more commonly combined with other breast procedures which require general anesthetic.

Inverted nipple correction is typically a 1-hour procedure requiring local anesthesia and minimal recuperation.

Recovery:Most nipple correction patients can return to work within 3 to 7 days. Women who have areolar reduction as part of another breast procedure should follow the recovery guidelines of their particular breast enhancement surgery.
Results:An improved harmony in size, projection, and coloration between breast and areola, with a better proportion between both structures and the breast as a whole.
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