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Labiaplasty (Vaginal Rejuvenation)

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Vaginal rejuvenation in Santa Rosa can improve the appearance of large or irregularly-shaped labia as well as increase comfort during sexual activity.

The Labiaplasty You Deserve

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Many women feel self-conscious about the way their vaginal area looks. Some are born with larger labia, while others may have experienced stretching and sagging of one or both labia due to aging, childbirth, weight fluctuations or even sexual activity. Others have naturally thin labia or excess tissue that covers the vaginal area, which often causes irritation or discomfort during physical activities. In some cases, it may be appropriate to tighten the vaginal canal, which may have been stretched by childbirth.

Labiaplasty in Santa Rosa can help correct these problems so that you can feel confident again. The entire team at Plastic Surgery Associates is committed to addressing your concerns safely and with complete discretion.

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Labiaplasty/Vaginoplasty at a Glance

Purpose To decrease the size of the labia minora or enhance the size of underdeveloped labia majora. Sometimes, after major weight loss, the labia majora will be made smaller to correct the sagging that has taken place.
Procedure: Labiaplasty is generally performed either under local anesthesia with sedation or with general anesthesia. The goal is to reduce the size of the labia and remove excess skin and tissue. Occasionally, fat grafting is used to enlarge the labia majora. In some cases, tightening of the vaginal canal can also be performed.
Recovery: Most women can return to work within 5 to 7 days.
Results: A more appealing vaginal area and reduced discomfort during intercourse or physical activity.
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