Breast Revision Surgery

Most women who choose breast augmentation are delighted with their results. However, in some cases – either due to complications or a change in preference – women will require revision breast surgery. For women in Sonoma, Napa and Marin County, that’s where breast augmentation revision surgery at our Santa Rosa practice has the potential to make a difference.

The Breast Revision Surgery You Deserve

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During my years performing breast enhancement, I’ve helped many women who were disappointed with their breast augmentation results from another practice. Perhaps their augmentation resulted in implant malposition, in asymmetrical breasts or they developed capsular contracture, rippling, or other complications. In other cases, women want to change the size or type of breast implant. That’s why Dr. Furnas and I take the time to learn about each woman’s specific goals for Santa Rosa breast revision surgery before creating a customized plan designed for her body type and aesthetic preferences.

Together, we have performed over 2500 breast surgeries and have one of the lowest complication/revision rates in the country. Our synchronized teamwork and precise surgical techniques ensure that you experience minimal operating time and a shorter recovery period.

We offer the latest options for women in Santa Rosa considering breast revision surgery and pride ourselves on achieving the beautiful, natural results that you deserve. We understand the unique needs of our breast revision patients, and we are dedicated to earning their trust and building their confidence.

Request a free consultation online at Plastic Surgery Associates or call (707) 537-2111 to learn more about breast revision surgery. You can also download our free iPhone app to see video testimonials, learn more about our surgeons, and keep track of your appointments.

Breast Revision Surgery at a Glance

Purpose:To correct initial breast augmentation concerns, such as implant type or size, rippling or wrinkling, capsular contracture, or asymmetrical results.
Procedure:Depending on the customized treatment plan, breast revision surgery may be performed on an outpatient basis using general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. In the case of implant exchange, silicone gel or saline implants may be placed above or below the pectoralis muscle. The procedure takes under an hour in most cases and our patients are sent home the same day to begin their recovery.
Recovery:Women often are ready to return to work in just 2 to 4 days and resume all of their normal activities in about 1 to 2 weeks.
Results:Fuller breasts, improved overall proportion and symmetry, and a more youthful appearance.
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